Introduction to CCG Rhizobium Bioinformatics

A collaborative project between Murdoch University's Centre for Comparative Genomics, and Centre for Rhizobium Studies have analysed fourteen genome sequences of Rhizobium, representating the genus Rhizobium and Sinorhizobium. The root nodule bacteria (RNB) establish a symbiotic relationship with legumes enabling atmospheric nitrogen to be fixed into a form that can be utilized by the plant. This process enhances the productivity and potential sustainability of farming systems.

Research Aims

Identify genomic elements important for molecular communication between the plant host and RNB symbiont. This includes identifying genes required for stress tolerance, stress response, adaptation and mechanisms related to virulence of agrobacteria.

Restricted Material

Please e-mail Dr. Michael Black to gain access to restricted material

Project site contains

This site contains access to data analysis and to tools specific to the analysis of Rhizobium spp. The comparative analysis of Rhizobium spp. "Download Data" . Access to tools specific to the analysis of Rhizobium, this includes interactive Bioinformatics pipeline analysis construction (YABI). Get started using our online tutorial (link) and online help. Or go direct to View Analysis tools links.