Introduction to CCG Legume Bioinformatics Resource for Legume Researchers

LegumeDB is a web-based bioinformatics resource for comparative genomic analysis developed at the CCG. This curated resource enables data storage and visualization of numerous sequence analyses (and re-analyses) from diverse / customized database sets and alignment programs. Features such sequence alignments, genes and markers can be integrated and visualized in LegumeDB's genetic and physical comparative maps. LegumeDB in-silico markers can be designed spanning intron and SSR regions in genomic and cDNA based on conserved sequence alignments with a number of different legume species (contact for help with your analysis).

Research Aims

Integration of novel legume sequence and analyses to identify agronomically important genomic features to improve legume cultivation.

Project site contains

Welcome - LegumeDB CMap is a Comparative Map Viewer which allows users to view and compare genetic and physical maps within or between Reference Map Sets. Go to LegumeDB CMap

LegumeDB CMap includes:

  • Recent published linkage maps of Narrow leaf lupin Lupinus angustifolius
  • Genetic maps of Glycine max
  • Genetic maps of Medicago truncatula
  • Genetic maps of Lotus japonicus
  • Kazusa DNA Research Institute Lotus japonicus Physical mapped TACs
  • Medicago Consortium Medicago truncatula Physical mapped BAC assemblies