Introduction to CCG Brachyspira spp. Bioinformatics

In a collaborative project between Murdoch University's Centre for Comparative Genomics and the Animal Research Institute, School Veterinary and Biomedical Science, the genome sequences of Brachyspira hyodysenteriae strain WA1 and Brachyspira pilosicoli strain 95/1000 WA1 were determined. These are the first pathogenic species of the genus Brachyspira to be sequenced, and the seventeenth and eighteenth spirochete genomes to be reported. Brachyspira spp. are anaerobic intestinal spirochaetes that colonizes the large intestine of pigs and various other species. Swine dysentery, caused by B. hyodysenteriae, in particular is a disease of significant economic importance worldwide.

Research Aims

Identify viable vaccine candidates.

Project site contains

This site contains access to data, analysis and to tools specific to the analysis of Brachyspira spp. Data includes Brachyspira spp. chromosome, and plasmid data that has not previously been described. This includes sequences and annotation. The comparative analysis of Brachyspira spp. "Download Data" . Access to tools specific to the analysis of Brachyspira, this includes interactive Bioinformatics pipeline analysis construction (YABI). Get started using our online tutorial (link) and online help. Or go direct to View Analysis tools links.