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Introduction to CCG Bioinformatics

The CCG research program draws together both biomedical and agricultural comparative genomics and bioinformatics activities and expertise in such a way as to promote shared understanding within and across fields of study.

Current CCG Projects in Comparative Genomics

Available CCG project sites include 1 Eukaryotic and 1 Prokaryotic (microbial) listed below.

  • Legume - lupin comparative analysis to model legume species
  • Brachyspira - identify genomic elements for host specificity and pathogenicity

Each project site contains

  1. Data and analysis downloads
  2. Access to tools specific to the analysis of each organism, this includes interactive Bioinformatics pipeline analysis construction (YABI)
  3. Relevant publications

Other species currently in analysis include 5 Eukaryotes and 2 Prokaryotes listed below

  • Campylobacter - identify genomic elements for host specificity and pathogenicity
  • Euphorbia - therapeutics discovery
  • Phytophthora - identify genomic elements in pathogencity
  • Rhipicephalus - identify vaccine targets for cattle tick resistance
  • Rhizobium - identify genomic elements in plant host and root nodulation symbiont interactions
  • Tribolium - identify genomic elements in beetle resistance to phosphine fumigant
  • Triticaceae - identify genomic elements for rust resistance in wheat