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Examples: CK174235_bb, BM-004_A11, BM-005_G14.

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The following 3 regions match your request.
Matches on BM-004_A11
gb|EFA13184.1| similarity:BLASTX(gb|EFA13184.1|) BM-004_A11:19.32..19.66 kbp (336 bp) score=283
Matches on BM-005-B21
gb|EFA13184.1| similarity:BLASTX(gb|EFA13184.1|) BM-005-B21:74.8..74.94 kbp (135 bp) score=106
Matches on BM-010-J12
gb|EFA13184.1| similarity:BLASTX(gb|EFA13184.1|) BM-010-J12:1.388..1.657 kbp (270 bp) score=115

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