Centre for Comparative Genomics

The Centre for Comparative Genomics (CCG), a Western Australian State Government Centre of Excellence, undertakes unique biomedical and agricultural research and development. The CCG promotes collaborative understanding within and across fields of study. The Centre has four research themes: Personalised Medicine, Animal Health, Food Security and High Performance Computing.

The CCG has specialised laboratories: Bioinformatics Research Laboratory (BRL) and Molecular Therapy Laboratory (MTL) which have established expertise in: integrative –omics experimental design and analysis, bioinformatics, comparative genomics, molecular therapies, software development and high performance computing.


Bioinformatics Research Laboratory (BRL)

The BRL provides a unique scientific infrastructure and capability within Australia. The BRL develops and utilises innovative techniques and tools to drive its core research programs as well as serving external clients on a fee-for-service basis. The BRL software developers and bioinformaticians offer a range of capabilities, including: the development of computational tools; a vast range of data analysis and high definition visualisation strategies; and the development of integrated Internet-based information management systems.


Molecular Therapy Laboratory (MTL)

The MTL undertakes design and development of antisense compounds to modify gene expression. The MTL has a focus on rare inherited diseases, with a particular interest in neuromuscular disorders. The MTL researchers have expertise in: manipulating alternative splicing; antisense oligomer design and evaluation; synthesis of research grade antisense oligonucleotides; designing therapeutic strategies to a range of genetic disorder; and assessing genetic modifications in vitro and in vivo.

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