Professor Rudi Appels

Rudi Appels

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Office: Murdoch Campus, BITL Building, Room 3.007
Phone Number: +61 8 9360 6229
Fax Number: +61 8 9360 7238
Mailing Address: Centre for Comparative Genomics,
Murdoch University,
Perth WA 6150,
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BSc (Hons) University of Adelaide, PhD in Biochemistry, Adelaide University, 1972
225 refereed papers, 1 text book. Queen Elizabeth fellowship 1975, Harkness fellowship, 1979. Gottschalk medal awarded by the Australian Academy of Sciences for distinguished research in biological sciences, 1985.


Supervised 23 PhD students during the course of career

Research Interests

Wheat Genome Sequencing, DNA-based Diagnostics and Technologies, Comparative Genomics, Genomic DNA from Experimental Organisms.


Fully Refereed Journal and Conference papers

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